Why Should I Buy PridefulPatchez?


Why Should I Buy PridefulPatchez?

If you’re thinking to yourself “Why should I buy PridefulPatchez?”. Let me give you a few reasons.
It is a local Black-Owned small business based in Berkeley, California.
Offering one-of-a-kind Afrocentric Iron/Sew-On patch designs that look amazing on any article of clothing.
If you’re looking for a way to express yourself, a way to tell the world who you are, then PridefulPatchez is the place to go. With all of our unique designs, you can show pride in what makes you, YOU.
Whether it be your favorite movie character, your native land, or maybe just something funky and new. Whatever it is we want to help you proudly display it on your clothes and other cloth items such as backpacks, hats, and jackets.
If you haven’t already, check us out at our shop.
So if you want to express yourself and your culture in a unique way choose PridefulPatchez and Proclaim your Pride!




Prideful Patchez

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